All use of the graphics in this collection is subject to the terms of use (TOU).

To browse the collection:
-Each Design page displays four button designs. Select a design page from the 'Design' dropdown list.

-Select a color from the color cube display. The color cube display is the leftmost of the two color palettes on the right side of the navigation interface at the bottom of this page.

-Select a page background color. The color palette on the far right of the navigation interface at the bottom displays The Shadow Palette. This is our custom arrangement of the internet safe palette. Selecting one of the colors from this palette will change the background color of the design display page. The hex value of the color will be displayed in the form on the display page.

Note: The graphics in this collection have transparent areas that allow the background color to show through. If you would like the image to appear the same way on your site, you must put the HEX value from the graphic information form (on the design display pages) in the BGCOLOR value of your page's BODY tag.
(example: <BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" BACKGROUND="blue.gif">)

To see a larger view of either the color cube palette or the background color palette, select (click on) an area of the image that is part of the background and not a part of a color cube or color selection.

To save a graphic:

Windows usersRight click on the image to save. Select 'Save As....','Save Picture As....', or similar option from the popup window.
Mac usersClick and hold on the image to saves. Select 'Save As....','Save Picture As....', or similar option from the popup window.
WebTV users
This site makes use of the free Transloader service. Transfer files up to 30k in size directly to your web host. To use this feature, click the 'T' button on the design display page(s).
To assist with downloading, the following buttons are available:
There is a set of buttons for each graphic on a page.
The buttons that apply to a graphic are located below the graphic.
Add to File Folder When clicked on from the navigational menu, this button takes you to your file folder. To add items to your file folder, click on this graphic from the design page. This uses cookies to allow quick access to graphics you'd like to view again. The cookie is set to expire after 30 days and all saved information is deleted.
Download from New Window If your browser does not allow you to save via a popup menu, select this icon from the design page to display the current graphic outside of any HTML. Use the save feature of your browser to save the graphic (usually located in the File menu). You can also email this graphic to yourself if your browser provides such a feature.
View Graphic on a Page for Bookmarking This option displays the graphic on a web page outside of the frameset. This allows you to bookmark the page and return directly to the graphic you have selected. (Note: this is the most reliable method of returning to a graphic.)
Transload Graphic
This option is provided for WebTV users. It makes use of the free Transloader service to transfer graphics from this site to your web site. (Note: This is a 3rd party service and is not under the control of byCarel.com.)

For additional help with navigation, please select the 'Help' button from the navigational interface.

(January 31,2000) The script in this area is in beta. Please report all bugs or error messages to webby@bycarel.com. An email link is available through the envelope icon.

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