This site uses the free Transloader service. Transfer files up to 30k in size directly to your web host.

Transloader 2 (TL2)

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Transloader is Copyright © 1998, Anthony Chu, Tatung Company, Taiwan, ROC.

Image Viewer Quick Overview

To begin browsing the collection, select either the Color or Texture Menu.

Preview images by clicking on them from the color or texture pages.

Select 'Layout' to toggle between the Tile and Sidebar (left border) versions of the image.

Select 'Brightness' to toggle between the Standard and Pale versions of the image.

To download:
From the page which shows a tiled preview of the graphic you would like to use, select either:

Transload - To automatically transfer an image to your web server via the Transloader Service.

View Image in Window - to show the image in the main screen and allow for bookmarking and emailing. (This mode may cause large images to resize)

For additional information on emailing and bookmarking pages, consult the webTV documentation.

For additional information on the transloader service, please see the Transloader documentation.