Image Viewer Quick Overview

To begin browsing the collection, select either the Color or Texture Menu.

Preview images by clicking on them from the color or texture pages.

Select 'Layout' to toggle between the Tile and Sidebar (left border) versions of the image.

Select 'Brightness' to toggle between the Standard and Pale versions of the image.

To have an image randomly displayed, select 'Random Generator'.

To jump to a specific image number, select the '#' sign.

To add an image to your file folder, click on the small '+' image button on preview pages.

To review images in your folder, select 'File Folder'.

To download:
Windows: click the right mouse button on the image.
Mac: click and hold down the right mouse on the image.
Both: Select 'Save As...', 'Save Image As...', or similar option from the popup menu.

For additional help, select '?'.