Backgrounds by Carel Distribution Terms

Instituted August 1, 1998
Last Modified November 13,1998 Maximum number of images for distribution increased

These Distribution Terms apply to the Backgrounds by Carel Collection images.

These terms do not apply to the use of graphics from other collections found within the site. Nor do these terms apply to logos, banners JavaScript and other items not explicitly given for free within the Backgrounds by Carel Collection or outside of this collection.

All of the graphics offered in the Backgrounds by Carel Collection are original works and are copyright© 1996-1998, Carel Lyn Ashzryl.

These graphics may not be included in a graphics collection or archive in any media or distribution method either for profit or not for profit under any circumstances whether or not such use is implied otherwise within these terms.

The right to distribute graphics from the Backgrounds by Carel Collection is non-exclusively granted to anyone agreeing to and abiding by these Distribution Terms.

Inclusion within a web site or graphic design shall not be deemed as distribution provided that the use otherwise complies with the Terms of Use available at

Up to 250 of the graphics from the Backgrounds by Carel Collection may be distributed by inclusion with or within a product provided that:

1) Full information is readily available to the user/buyer of the product on the location of the entire collection (must provide link or url for

2) The Backgrounds by Carel Collection's copyright notice is included in the product.

3) NO fees are charged to the user/buyer for the inclusion of or use of the Backgrounds by Carel graphics. The actual costs of obtaining or modifying graphics may be assessed to a third party.

4) If the graphics are distributed for use other than viewing by a third party, the Backgrounds by Carel Terms of Use must be included with the product.

5) The Backgrounds by Carel graphics may not constitute the product itself nor be the majority of the product or offering.

6) You must send the following information to
Note: This information will not be made available to third parties except as a numerical inclusion in statistical information.
a) Your name or company name.
b) The name of the product that includes the images from this site.
c) The total number of images to be distributed with or within the product.
d) Date of initial distribution and total number of copies to be distributed. (Projected, estimated or actual numbers may be submitted.)

These terms are subject to change without notice. Graphics already in use at the time of any alteration in the Terms of Use may continue to be in use under the terms agreed upon at the time of initial use.

Additional rights and usage may or may not be granted for use of these graphics. All use not explicitly granted in this document requires written permission of the copyright holder, Carel Lyn Ashzryl.

For clarification of the Distribution Terms, please contact Carel Lyn Ashzryl (

Most importantly, enjoy the graphics;
Carel Lyn Ashzryl