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A New Look and a New Future

Access free graphics Start browsing over 50,000 free web graphics.

This site has been serving free graphics for almost 15 years and is about to undergo some major changes. The new site design is soon to be accompanied by the addition of a new graphics and site design application interface.

The new web application will enable visitors of this site to modify graphics from the site's image collections by applying themes and palettes and colorizing images from the new clipart collection. A photographic collection will also be added to the new application. All graphics and images will be licensed for royalty free use.

In addition, once the new site application is up and running, registered members can create site templates and design animations from within the application using image and animation elements from as well as incorporating their own graphics and photographs. Members will also be able to save their work in progress and return to edit it later.

Tutorials for web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe® Flash®, PHP, and mySQL will be integrated into the application so that members can learn as they create and work through the lesson examples in real time. And members will be able to interact with other members to get feedback on their latest designs, share tips and tricks, and talk about all things related to web design.

The current version of the site will stay around for those visitors who prefer to browse the over 50,000 graphics via a minimalistic JavaScript interface. But no new graphics will be added to what will serve as a usable archive of the site.


This site began in 1996 with a simple design and a few dozen textures. In 1998, the Essentials Collection was added to provide a large selection of graphics using the 216 color internet safe palette. The growing site was redesigned to use PHP and JavaScript to create dynamically generated pages and user folders. In September of 2001, the American Graphics Collection was added to the site. Currently the site has over 50,000 free graphics. Since then the site has continued to provide end-users with quick access to low-bandwidth images.

License and Use of Graphics

The graphics at will always remain free for modification, use, and redistribution by individuals, commercial entities, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies. No link backs or acknowlegements are required for use.

Graphics must be downloaded and hosted on your own server or system. Collection may not be mirrored or redistributed in whole or in part if over 2,500 graphics are included from the archives. No other restrictions apply.